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Qingdao Maxwide Logistics Co., Ltd.

We are committed to providing employees with a working atmosphere of abiding by integrity, constantly striving for self-improvement, pursuing excellence, striving for unity and sharing success, while exploring the excellent potential of employees.

It is our eternal pursuit to constantly improve our service level and quality. We focus on the needs of internal and external training, striving to seek and establish a good competitive advantage. We aim to improve our company’s level year by year.

Wherever you want to ship the goods, we can deliver them.

It is our eternal pursuit to constantly improve service function, improve service level, make customers profitable and make progress with customers.
Strive to seek and establish a good competitive advantage and ability base

Customer first

Users are our lifeline.We need to be close to users and provide them persistently.Valuable and excellent experience

people oriented

Adhere to Employee-Oriented
Respecting, understanding, caring and relying on people to develop people

Long term planning

We don't care about immediate interests.Focus on long-term investment in sustainable development.We pursue excellence, never ending

Win win cooperation

Improve yourself and make customers profitable Progress with customers is our eternal pursuit

As a market-oriented organization, the company spares no effort to ensure customer satisfaction.
We adhere to the business philosophy of "efficient, rigorous, excellent and pragmatic", and provide consistent and satisfactory service to our customers. Employees are encouraged to create value through innovation and collaboration.
As a people-oriented organization, the company cares about each employee's career development and provides reasonable salary planning to ensure that employees enjoy stable and reasonable income and welfare, and can also get rich returns through their own efforts and value creation.








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